Artist Matthew Martelli

Oil paintings, Portraits, Murals and Prints

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Since he began oil painting, Matthew has received much recognition for his work. He has won numerous awards in many art shows throughout the years, his most popular winnings being with the audience vote. He was featured in Boston's local news magazine television show, "Chronicle", in which his work for an outdoor mural is featured. he has also painted murals for many restaurants in the Boston area, as well as artwork for book coverers, album inlays, and various illustrations for many types of commercial use. In his spare time, Matthew stars in his own cable-access television show, "The Mad Artist", where he teaches oil painting to aspiring artists.

Matthew has also takes on commissioned work in the private sector, delving into realism, surrealism, abstractism, sculpture relief, portraits, or, "whatever he's commissioned to do." "I love the challenge," says the ambitious artist.