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Sylvia Whiting, Fine Art Photography
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125 Cliff Avenue Winthrop, MA 02152
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As a Professional photographer I capture scenes and moments of interest me.  I began by photographing family and friends along with things around me that "caught my eye", memories to be enjoyed now and for generations to come.  This is the goal of my photography. 

Every photo is special, not only to me through my lens, but to you.  Whether it's a portrait, a family gathering, favorite park or cherished memory in a landscape, I hope I've captured something special for you to view.  Of all the photos I take, my favorites are those of nature around me, memories of long ago, antique autos and old structures and memories from Americana;  maybe a sand sculpture of Elvis, a street musician, or a ride at the fairgrounds. 

                                                                                      Sylvia Whiting
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