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Artists Gallery

This gallery is still in progress.
More member Artists with a link to their portfolio page will be added.
So check back again sometime for some new pages.
Click here for our Artshows winner page

Click on an artist and view their portfolio.
Beverly Brody Barisano ~
Oils, Water based Paint, Collage,
and Graphics
Frank-Costantino ~ Watercolors
Gail Dwyer ~ Quilting
Phil Ellin ~ Photography
Glen Engman ~ Photography
Paula Engman ~ Acrylics
Bernice Gillman-Berk ~
Watercolors, Papermaking
Brenda Kane-Curry ~ Arts and Crafts, Painting, Decorative furniture painting andWoodcuts
Eva Kearney ~ Pen & Ink, Watercolors, acrylics, Hand-made paper,  Graphite, Printmaking, Calligraphy , Photography
and Teaching.
Dawn Mahoney ~ Ink, Ink Washes, Photography and enhanced photography.
*Dorothy Mahoney ~ Photography
Debra Martelli ~ Computer art, Photography, Crafts
Matthew Martelli ~ Oil painting, Sculpture, Murals
Jennifer McCarthy ~ New, recycled and vintage Jewlery and photography
Kaari Sullivan ~ Photography
Valerie Thomas ~ Paintings and Photography
Sylvia Whiting ~ Photography
Emily Shannon ~ Jewlery

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